Colours of Exmoor – Photographic Competition

106 HeartOfExmoor Heather

(Posted on 11 September, 2013 by heartofexmoor)

Exmoor Moorland Landscape Partnership has a special category in the North Devon Heritage Photographic Competition (for the 3rd year running!). This exciting local competition presents photographers with the opportunity of having their work exhibited at the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon, and some pictures may even get published!

This year our special category theme is ‘The Colours of Exmoor’! 105 HeartOfExMoor Sunset Winsford Hill


The Heart of Exmoor projects are based in Exmoor National Park, and focus on the moorland landscape’s natural and cultural heritage. To appreciate moorland you really need to get out there and experience it and take your camera! The people who live and work with the moorlands know it best and so perhaps the colours of the farming calendar will capture your imagination, or perhaps even one of the annual festivals or sporting events on the moors. Read more about EMLP’s Heart of Exmoor programmes at

The beauty of Exmoor National Park through each season is spectacular. Winter brings dustings of snow, enveloping the soft hills and steep combes, strongly contrasted against bleak angry skies. Spring heralds the emergence of wild flowers on the hedge banks. Summer sky blues blend with the hues of the rivers and streams, whilst heather colours burst from the scene. Smokey autumnal browns blend with the coats of the Exmoor Pony herds and the moorland comes to life with carpets of vibrant sunlit heathers, bracken and clusters of brightly coloured waxcap fungi.

Entry forms available now from the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon.Tel: 01271 346747 or Email:

The closing date for entries is 14th October 2013. The North Devon Heritage Photographic Competition has categories for both Adults and budding photographers who are under the age of 16.