Exmoor Memories in Watercolours

Yesterday we received this message from Andrea Newton Wesselius on our Facebook page:
Hi, I am from the Netherlands but lived in London for four years in the mid to late eighties.
On one of their visits to the UK I took my parents to stay at a cottage in Porlock Weir. Both my parents were artists and always making sketches wherever they went. Based on their scribbles, sketches and photos my dad made a gouache painting of Bossington Hill and some watercolours of the Porlock Weir harbour. I realize they are not completely true to reality, but perhaps they are of interest to you, in which case feel free to show them to the facebook group. Both my parents have passed away in the last three years, and as I am particularly attached to these works they are not for sale, but really just in case you were interested….
These were made by my dad, Jacques Wesselius (1931-2012)
This is a link to his website, in case people want to see what else he did in watercolour.

I’m working on a new website on which I can show all his work (oils, acrylics as well as watercolour) as well as all of the work my mum (Jeanne Wesselius) made.



Porlock 1

Porlock 2

Porlock 4

Porlock 5

Porlock 6


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