Squelchy Exmoor in March

This evening I decided to walk down to the lower fields which I haven’t done yet this year as the fields have been rented out for sheep. They are now in the far field so thought I’d explore…soon wished I hadn’t!!! 😬

The sun was out and casting lovely shadows through the trees and across the fields. The only company I had was two magpies that seemed to be following me!

It was quite muddy and squelchy along the bottom of the field and the water in the storm ditch was running high and loud.

Only one tree down in the lower field from the bottom wood. All in all we’ve been lucky with these storms.

I decided to walk up the track to the road then back up the road and through some higher fields which would take back to the top fields.

My mistake was entering the track!!! 🙈

It was very muddy looking and wet..but I’m used to that so ok..

It turned out to be far worse than I anticipated, but by the time I’d started up the track getting in deeper and deeper and feeling the mud trying its best to suck my boots off my feet it was too late to go back!! For the best part I managed to walk along the edge holding onto the fence for balance until I got to the top of the track.

There I had to squeeze past some sheep holding gates but the mud on the other side was so slippery I was at serious risk of ending up on my arse!!!

I didn’t want to risk going back or going on..so dilemma! I retraced my steps past the holding gates a little way and managed to squeeze through a gap in the hedge that is a regular deer track. There I made my way back up to the road and continued on my way to the next fields.

They were not much better..very squelchy and the footpath wasn’t seeable so had to pick my way around the edges of the fields until I was back on a track I knew.

I did find a pretty little stream though and saw the deer in the distance. Unfortunately my ‘squelching’ meant they saw me too!! 🙈

Finally I got back up to the up and over stile and back into the top of our fields… felt like home!!

A brief stop to look around me… It was nice to see the deer were back out of the wood and grazing so I obviously hadn’t frightened them that much! And the sun was now setting..a lovely orange colour setting a hazy look over the valleys.

Disappointing to see no moon again though, but it was getting too chilly now to hang around.

Hopefully it will dry up soon, but that’s not a walk I’ll be doing again for a while!!

Becky Power, 17 March 2022

Exmoor Stories: How Exmoor Farmers celebrate their wedding anniversary ;-)

Local author Victoria Eveleigh posted these lovely photos of her dear husband earlier today:

You can find out more about West Ilkerton Farm here.

And if you’d like to see what Victoria Eveleigh is up to when not taking photos of her dear husband on their wedding day, then have a look on her website.



Exmoor Memories: When I fell in Love with Exmoor

I first fell in love with Exmoor and Porlock in the Eighties.

My dad was in the Metropolitan police force,  pay wasn’t great back then, he had a wife and two young children, so he couldn’t afford to go on expensive holidays. He heard from a W.P.C that she had a holiday in Porlock. Other PCs had been there and heard how lovely it was and it was a reasonable price so he booked a week there.
We loaded up the Morris mariner:  there was my mum and dad, my nan, my brother and myself – and our seven and a half stone boxer dog on the backseat.
The roof rack was full of luggage and my dad’s sea fishing rods and lead weights. Now thinking back I am surprised the poor car ever made it down there.
We didn’t know anything about Porlock and Exmoor. It was an adventure, mum handed out the rolls while dad was driving and the odd foxes glacier mint. When we saw the signs for Porlock you could feel the anticipation when we started to drive down Dunster steep and the sea and the landscape unfolded before us – it was just breathtaking, just so beautiful. We turned left into Doverhay and found our holiday cottage. We were so excited. When had unpacked we had a wander along the high street – it had everything you wanted:  two bakeries, Stenners and Burgess, three banks and grocery shops. We had such a lovely holiday there we kept going on holiday down there for fifteen years.
I’ve known Exmoor and Porlock for thirty years now. It got me loving nature and wildlife and it’s shaped the person who I am today.
I absolutely love it and still go down there every year on holiday. Take care all.

By Trevor Parsons

Exmoor Stories: A little bit of magic

I went to Lanacre with my 3 year old. I told him to sit quietly and just watch the ponies. Soon this foal’s gentle curiosity got the better of him as he approached this little human and literally softly brushed against his head. It was pretty special and my little boy giggled with delight. Of course I was very close by my little boy and watching the foal very carefully..but this little foal was just curious about a child..that was clear. As soon as I moved it was off in a flash back to Mum’s side.

Lindsey McDonnell