The Barle Valley at Simonsbath

Simonsbath Barle at its finest on 1 March 2020. One of Exmoor’s iconic views.
The sun direction at that time of day and time of year is perfect to light the valley and the remaining shadow shape it. And that was today. At other times it’s a tough shot to make such is its position relative to the sun. The trick is to sit and wait, and hope you are blessed. You get just seconds of light to grab it, it’s but a burst. Be ready.

By Martin Gillman.

Sea mist over Exmoor

Bat’s Castle settlement – Cloud inversion with sea mist rolling in!  Photos by Tom Tier.


Looking through the clouds at Bossington & Porlock Weir from North Hill. Photo by Ken Broom.


Porlock Bay. Photo by Jacqui Brasted.


Looking west over Sticklepath. Photo by Mike Lanning.


Looking down from Porlock Hill and Dunkery Beacon. Photos by Aga Karmol Art.


William Chapman: Sea of Cloud


Porlock Common. Photo by Alan Maddog.

Photo of the Week

“The winter light hits the frosted valley whilst the small river water flows by at Simonsbath, Exmoor.

Simonsbath is a small village high on Exmoor in the English county of Somerset. It is the principal settlement in the Exmoor civil parish, The River Exe rises from a valley to the north, and the River Barle runs through the village and is crossed by a triple-arched medieval bridge that was extensively repaired after floods in 1952. The settlement lies on the route of the Two Moors Way and close to the Macmillan Way West.

Thanks for looking, Rich.”

By Richard kift Photography & Prints