Morning visit

“So I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a lovely sunrise plus some hinds on the hill. As I had finally got around to buying a tripod, which arrived yesterday, I thought great, I’ll photograph those. Something made me look right and yippee! The stags had decided to pay me a visit! They hung around for an hour despite me letting my dogs out and we then watched them nonchalantly jump into our bracken bank before sauntering off into our woods. It’s not often you get to photograph deer whilst still in pj’s ( it was a bit nippy!) from outside the kitchen!”

By Pauline Richards

The walk to Pinkery

Situated not far off the B3358 between Challacombe and Simonsbath, Pinkery Pond is a remote catchment of water at the headwater of the River Barle on The Chains. It was built for the Knight family around 1830 – John Knight had purchased at public tender the 10,262 1/4 acre former royal forest of Exmoor in August 1818 and began what became the largest single land reclamation project in England.

Nicola Kemp went for a wintery walk at the beginning of January 2021 and shared these photos with us:

Celebrating Winter on Exmoor

Exmoor in winter is beautiful, no matter what the weather. Go for a drive, a walk, pop in for a meal or grab a takeaway. Whatever you do – enjoy the beauty around you and, if you can, support our local businesses.

Today, with the end of Lockdown 2.0, many restaurants, pubs and accommodation providers are open again on Exmoor. With Somerset and Devon placed in Tier 2, there are still quite a few restrictions. You can are only allowed to spend time with members of your own household, and you will not be able to just pop down to the pub for a drink. Here is the link to the Government website with a full explanation of the dos and don’ts.

And if you can’t get out at all, then we hope you can escape virtually when looking at the fantastic photos shared in our photo group and page on Facebook or on Instagram.

Laura Claughan posted these photos a few days ago in our photo group:

“There is something truly magical about Exmoor. So many feet have wandered along the winding paths, trodden the mud puddles and stopped to take in the mesmerising view. Yet as you wander, you feel like no one has ventured before you. Exmoor is medicine for the soul, and I was medicated today. 🥾❤️.”

— Laura Claughan
(30 November 2020 in our Exmoor4all Photo Group)