Helwell Bay

The beach between Watchet and Doniford is home to some of the earliest ammonite fossils recorded in Britain.

The red and green striped rocks on your left are Mercia Mudstones, dating from a time when the landmass was part of an ancient desert near the hot equator, similar to the Sahara today; on your right are grey mudstones belonging to the Helwell Marls. These marls are the youngest Jurassic rocks exposed on the Somerset coast and date from around 200 million years ago, when sea levels rose and Watchet was submerged in shallow seas. Here you will find some of the earliest ammonite fossils recorded in Britain.

Love Watchet

Lewis Winter took the kids for a walk on 3 February, enjoying the sunshine, and came back with these photos:

Amazing entries in Exmoor4all photo competition show Exmoor at its best

Here are all the entries into our 2017 Exmoor4all Photo Competition.

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