The 2016 Exmoor4all Photo Calendar is now ready to order!

The 2016 Exmoor4all Photo Calendar is ready to order:



The calendar will be sent out at the beginning of November 2015 at the very latest.

If you want to send the calendar abroad, please contact us.

You will also be able to buy calendars from the Exmoor Producers’ shop in Minehead (Friday Street) and Lynton TIC from November.

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Winners of the Exmoor4all photo competition in March

Here are the winners of the Exmoor4all photo competition in March, chosen by our fans on Facebook. First prize went to Liz Mitchell for her gorgeous Exmoor foal – she receives an Exmoor Club Card as well as a canvas donated by Churchgate Gallery Porlock. The canvas will be on display in the Minehead gallery for one month.

Photo by Liz Mitchell. First place in the March competition.

Photo by Liz Mitchell.
First place in the March competition.

Exmoor Literally: All around the year

AATY Front cover




Liz Shakespeare 022The name of Liz Shakespeare has become well-known in the South-West as an author who brings to life the people and landscapes of Devon. Her first three books, The Turning of the Tide, Fever: A Story from a Devon Village and The Memory Be Green: An Oral History of a Devon Village are still selling well and she has now written a fourth book.

All Around The Year’ is a collection of twelve poignant stories, deeply rooted in the Devon landscape, and each linked to a month of the year from January through to December. The reader is transported from a sleepy village square to the wilds of Exmoor and from a summer beach to the narrow streets of a small Devon town, and introduced to a variety of memorable characters.

In January, a young Croyde surfer tries to come to terms with her uncertain future. As signs of spring appear in the hedgerows, a farmer’s wife starts a new venture. In August, a bereaved woman is deeply affected by an unexpected sight on Lynmouth beach. A Bideford man searches for a special Christmas present.
All are at a moment of reckoning in their lives as they experience the subtle but significant events that make up everyday experience. These stories of love and loss, of separation and reconciliation, stay with you throughout the year.

Liz has previously concentrated on historical research for inspiration, but this new collection is set in present-day Devon and brings to life characters that are so convincing, the reader soon feels that they are personal friends. Liz was born and brought up in Bideford and has a long Devon ancestry; she feels that the sense of being deeply rooted in the area has given her a good understanding of Devon and its people. For each story, she has created a character whose life is influenced by the landscape around them. With stories set in North, South and Mid-Devon, All Around The Year is sure to be popular throughout the South-West and beyond.

Liz will be signing copies of her books at the Appledore Summer Festival on August 3rd, at Everything Westward in Westward Ho! on Sunday August 4th, in the Crafts and Gifts Marquee at the North Devon Show on August 7th, and at Waterstones, Barnstaple on Saturday August 24th from 11.00 – 2.00. She will be giving readings at a special evening event at Walter Henry’s Bookshop, Bideford (booking essential as space is limited) on August 15th.

Readers can buy Liz’s books from their local bookshop, from or post-free by sending their name, address and a cheque for £8.99 made payable to Letterbox Books at The Old Post Office, Littleham, Bideford EX39 5HW.


Title: All Around The Year

Author: Liz Shakespeare

Publisher: Letterbox Books

ISBN: 978-0951687932

Pages: 144

Price: £8.99

Publication date: 01-08-2013

Available from: and from bookshops.

Contact Liz Shakespeare on 01237 471165, 07944507005 or

Follow Liz on Twitter @LizShakespeare



A Letter from Exmoor: A New Helicopter for the Devon Air Ambulance

Devon Air Ambulance

January/February marked an exciting time for Devon Air Ambulance Trust as the new helicopter, funded by the people of Devon to help enhance our service, arrived in England and has started the transformation into an Air Ambulance. This is the next stage in its 18 month journey from drawing board to operational use.

first rotorThere are many advantages in Devon Air Ambulance owning its own helicopters, as opposed to leasing them, including the ability to specify what level and type of equipment the aircraft will have. This means not only do our patients benefit from an aircraft which best meets their needs, but also our pilots and paramedics get to work in an environment where the demands of their role are reflected in the design of the aircraft. Through maintaining a constant awareness of aviation and clinical developments on the horizon, we have also been able to design in some future proofing options to help enable our service to continue benefitting patients and crew in the longer term.

Eighteen months may seem like a long lead in time for the helicopter to enter service, however modification to the aircraft specifications, such as enhanced safety features and radio communication suites, need to be factored in at the design stage, before the aircraft enters into production. This is because every wire needed to operate equipment has to be incorporated into wiring looms and any potential conflicts with other aircraft systems have to be ruled out prior to construction commencing.

IMG_6153This applies equally to items which are not aviation in nature, such as the mounting brackets which hold the medical equipment. In the new aircraft we are incorporating a new generation of patient vital signs monitor in collaboration with the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. This new system will enable the paramedics to attach the patient to the monitor at the scene of the incident, whether that is in the patient’s own home or within an up turned car, and the patient’s vital signs including pulse rate, blood pressure and oxygen concentration will not only be displayed on screen for the paramedics to see, but can also be viewed real time in the receiving hospital, enabling the medical staff to gain an understanding of the patients physiology even before the patient arrives at the hospital. Fixing a patient monitor to a wall in a hospital would require someone to simply find a free piece of wall, drill a few holes, and screw in the bracket. On a helicopter this process is a little more involved.

gdaan insideFirst, we have to find the right space within the helicopter where the paramedics can view the display whilst ensuring they can also reach the controls from their seats. The place the monitor is to be mounted needs to have a special mounting frame incorporated either on or within the wall which will take the weight of the monitor. No solid brick walls here to screw into! The weight of the monitor, bracket and the reinforcing then needs to be incorporated into the aircraft design. A helicopter is a bit like a children’s see-saw, with the rotor mast being the pivot point. You can’t simply put everything either in front or behind the rotor mast, it needs to be distributed and balanced equally within the helicopter, otherwise just like when only one child sits on the see-saw, we wouldn’t get off the ground!

Devon has two Air  Ambulances, covering daylight hours (an average of 14 hours a ay in the summer).  It costs £4.5 million annually to keep this essential service airborne, with all of this sum coming from the community, businesses and friends of Devon).  If you would like to make a difference to helping to keep your Air Ambulances flying and keep up to date with all of our news why not:

Log onto our website

Like our Facebook page at

Follow us on Twitter: @DevonAirAmb

Download our free iphone app via the App Store:   Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Or if you would like to make an immediate difference why not text the word ‘heli’ to 70300 which will make a donation of £3 to the charity.  You will be charged £3 plus one standard rate text fee.   If you’re a tax payer you can also gift aid this sum.