Letter from Exmoor: Blown away on a Coastal Safari

Originally posted by Experience Exmoor on 15/07/2014 and by Ester Spears on 12/07/2014

We love the summer months as we get so many daylight hours to go out and explore Exmoor.

One of the safaris we go on in the evenings when the weather allows it, is the Coastal Safari Special. Visitors who book this experience are usually blown away by it. Metaphorically, just to reassure you ;-).

Of course a Coastal Safari along the National Trust track we can access, is spectacular at any time of the year and day, but when the light changes and the sun is setting on these summer evenings, the experience is particularly magical.

Last week we were joined by local photographer Ester Spears on one of our Coastal Safari Specials. He posted these pictures and comments in his blog:

Where Exmoor meets the sea

The piece of coast from Combe Martin to Lynmouth is surely one of the most dramatic and magical places in North Devon. There’s so much stuff crammed into this little area that no wonder the rich, the famous and the romantics have made this coast where Exmoor meets the sea, their home now, in recent centuries and in not so recent centuries: (With evidence of bronze age through to Roman settlements certainly and possibly earlier). Despite the obvious human attempt to graffiti the landscape with tracks and parish, the influence of the indomitable moor is always present as a bleak and harsh backdrop. There’s cliffs, coves, woodlands, hidden valleys, moorland, waterfalls and ancient woodlands, abundant wildlife and beautiful flora and it is all on display in wonderful awe-inspiring ‘technicolor’ at this time of year when the sun sneaks around the north side of Morte Point to highlight the Exmoor Coast.

Please click on the pic to make it big, coz as you know bigger is better.


The starting point for most, Valley of the Rocks (above) and below (normal view).


Here’s the whole coast, looking across Woody Bay, Crock Point, Duty Point, Valley of the Rocks and Foreland Point in the distance with it’s lighthouse.

e_STX8450_Estpix_14 _STX8489_Estpix_14 _STX8470_Estpix_14VOTR_STX8490_Estpix_14

No photo trip to the moor would be be complete without a deer sighting, these two hinds obliged, chewing on some wild flower meadow in the late evening sun.

_STX8593_Estpix_14 _STX8592_Estpix_14 _STX8586_Estpix_14 _STX8579_Estpix_14 _STX8508_Estpix_14 _STX8553_Estpix_14 _STX8574_Estpix_14

Woods, ponies and sunset.


_STX8656_Estpix_14 _STX8666_Estpix_14 _STX8669_Estpix_14

Many thanks to my mate, Neil Osmond of Exmoor Experience, what a great safari. Please check out the website and enjoy the experience of someone who born on the moor (well in a village on the moor); http://www.experienceexmoor.co.uk/

_STX8219_Estpix_14 _STX8217_Estpix_14 _STX8185_Estpix_14 _STX8170_Estpix_14 _STX8164_Estpix_14

Canon 5D mk 3 with some L glass: 600mm IS f4, 24-70mm f2.8 ll, 70-300mm IS f4-f5.