The Exmoor Rainforest

Not often I post plant photos, but thought these epiphytes growing in our local ‘Temperate Rainforest’ (Horner Woods ) were rather beautiful. The ferns are Polypody, the only native tree fern, which once established on a branch accumulates wet humus around its leaf junctions. This enables aggressive bryophytes to establish, forming moss balls as here.

Jochen Langbein

A Walk in the Woods

Horner Wood is an ancient wood pasture on the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate. Some trees are up to 500 years old. It is the habitat for an abundance of wildlife and could tell many stories.  You’ll see pollarded oak trees on your walk through the woods and hopefully spot some Red Deer. Horner Wood used to provide locals with fuel, winter fodder and wood for their tools. Today it is a perfect place to get away from it all.

All photos by Bert Craznak.

The Priestway

202 David Jessup Priest Way


Dunkery and The Horner Valley from The Priestway by local artist David Jessup.

The Priestway is an ancient track leading to the tiny isolated church of St. Pero. At 1100 ft the highest church on Exmoor. Painted in April when the fresh green of the silver birches contrasts vividly with the bronzed remains of autumn. The original is sold, but Giclée prints are available from the Exmoor Producers Association Shop in Minehead