Kayaking on Wimbleball Lake for beginners with Exmoor Adventures

Join Exmoor Adventures on 10 March from 9 am till 4 pm for a BCU Kayak 1* Course  – Cost £65.00.  A few spaces are still available, so better get in touch with Dan French as soon as possible!

You will be taught a range of skills and techniques to control a kayak as well as rescue techniques and safety considerations.This is a great 1 day course to introduce kayak skills on flat water.
An ideal candidate may be trying kayaking for the first time or have some previous experience.

  • lifting, carrying, launching, landing
  • forward paddling
  • reverse paddling
  • moving sideways
  • support strokes on both sides
  • capsize and rescue of craft

With a range of skills, activities and a journey on Wimbleball Lake to cap the day off, you are guaranteed to learn more about the sport and improve your kayaking skills.
Minimum age for this course is 14 (parental consent needed)

Course location: Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor.

Course cost: £65 per person
All equipment is provided: Kayaks, cags, wetsuits and bouyancy aids.
Please e-mail dan@exmooradventures.co.uk for more information or to book your place.

Location : Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor
Contact : Dan – 07976 208279
Kayaking on Wimbleball Lake

Extreme Kayaking

Local kayak manufactures FATYAK couldn’t resist taking their kayaks out in the snow…. And here is their report!

It seemed the snowfall was too good an opportunity to pass up for some of our guys in the factory. We sent them out on our Fatyaks to see how they faired in the snow. Their reports as follows:

Fatyak Surf – The surf is by far the best. Easiest to carry back up, can turn by shifting body weight, but a paddle helps. Brakes (feet) will stop you on most slopes quickly, and on a medium slope you can get up to 40mph ish.

Fatyak Kaafu – I think the Kaafu would be great to try standing up!!!
With a bit more practice I reckon I could start carving through the snow, I managed to get some turns in a little – but the surf is the kiddie!

Fatyak Mahee – Mahee is for speed only. No control but a great thrill. All boats are fast, but the bigger you go, the more fear you experience. The Mahee is not for the weak hearted.


Fatyak Kayaks

Fatyak Kayak


Fatyak Kayak