Letter from Exmoor: “I keep looking at the sky….”

….I keep looking at the sky……

By “Chunky Mamil

I was never a boy scout when I was a kid, I’m sure I’d have made a really good one learning essential skills like helping old ladies up toll roads and the like, I’m sure my three chords would also help when singing those campfire songs. I normally plan my rides in advance, use route planning sites, check google street view for junctions the lot, not very spontaneous I know but I like to know where I’m going. Last night though I was in a bit of stupor,a malaise not quite knowing what to do, where to go, what to ride, so I went to bed.I awoke feeling just as tired and grumpy so I took my retired friend for a walk and decided I’d hit the hills on the mtb, onwards and upwards…….Had a bit of a monochrome day…..

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