Date for the Diary: Eat Dirt on Exmoor


Calvert Trust Exmoor is running a Mountain Bike Event on Exmoor on 2 May. There are two routes on offer:  25 miles and 15 miles.  The Start and finish is at Dulverton.  The main route runs up the Barle Valley, crosses over Tarr Steps and climbs up to Winsford Hill, and then down the Exe Valley to Dulverton.  This is wonderful country and promises to be a great ride. For more information come to:   

Letter from Exmoor: …some summer days I hide away and wait for rain to come……..

Text and photos by Gary Scarlett who first published this post on his blog “Chunky Mamil” on 17 November 2013

Sundays off are a rare treat for me so I grabbed the opportunity to get up early and hit the hills on the mtb. I didn’t feel like it at first though, tired after going back on shift my and head felt clogged up with stupid thoughts, the first hill of the day felt like hard work even more than usual.

I persevered though, the weather was cold, still and grey my kind of weather, the cloud just sits on the hills and you can get lost in the mist. Went down some new tracks and up some tracks I usually go down you get the idea, even though the legs felt like lead I still rode up them.

There’s a little track someone has made out in the forest so I headed down that towards home. So quiet and peaceful in the trees not a sound even the squirrels must have been having a lie in. It was so quiet I wish I could capture the moment or portray it better, it was a good place to be……..

Letter from Exmoor: “I keep looking at the sky….”

….I keep looking at the sky……

By “Chunky Mamil

I was never a boy scout when I was a kid, I’m sure I’d have made a really good one learning essential skills like helping old ladies up toll roads and the like, I’m sure my three chords would also help when singing those campfire songs. I normally plan my rides in advance, use route planning sites, check google street view for junctions the lot, not very spontaneous I know but I like to know where I’m going. Last night though I was in a bit of stupor,a malaise not quite knowing what to do, where to go, what to ride, so I went to bed.I awoke feeling just as tired and grumpy so I took my retired friend for a walk and decided I’d hit the hills on the mtb, onwards and upwards…….Had a bit of a monochrome day…..

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