Let it snow!

A few days ago Exmoor saw the first snow on top of the moor.  In places it was quite deep, in others it just lightly dusted the landscape.  On a miserable day like today, when Storm Angus unleashes torrential rain on the moor, causing flooding in many areas, it is nice to just look at the beautiful photos shared with us by our followers.

Exmoor Gallery: November 2016 – Part 1

So many of our followers on Facebook and Twitter shared their outstanding images with us, that we thought it would all be too much in one big file for the month.  Here is therefore the gallery of all photos posted in the first week of November. The next gallery, containing this week’s photos, will be published in a week.

Sit back and enjoy!
(PS Click on the image to see the photo in full)

The latest from Exmoor4all: 16 November 2015


This photo of a majestic stag by Liz Mitchell was the most popular on our Facebook page last week.

Greetings from Exmoor

Even though we are well into November now, the weather is still very mild here on Exmoor. Last week’s storms and heavy rainfalls have given way to autumnal sunshine while I’m typing this.

Thank you to all the traders who have been in touch so far with regard to our Exmoor Markets. We are going to get back to you as soon as possible – hopefully we have a full list of venues and dates by the end of this week.  If you know of or own a venue where you would like to host an Exmoor Market, please get in touch with us.

If you are looking for unique presents which are not available on the Highstreet, then our limited edition Exmoor4all calendar might be something for you.  We will also shortly be launching tickets for our celebrity charity ball in February as well as a number of “pop-up restaurant” events which will all take place during the Exmoor Food Fest in February 2016.
We are currently working on an eCommerce website where you will be able to order canvasses of the calendar images.  A portfolio with photographs by some of our Exmoor4all contributors is being built. You will also be able to book activities and events directly through us.  All websites will be accessible via www.exmoor4all.com

We are very lucky to live in this part of the world, and we hope that, wherever you are reading this newsletter, you are well and safe.

The Exmoor4all calendar costs £7.50 plus p&p. You can order it online on our website – click here

The Exmoor4all calendar costs £7.50 plus p&p.
You can order it online on our website – click here

For our 2016 Exmoor Food Fest we have teamed up with Claire Lynch of Claire’s Kitchen for a number of fun events. These include pop-up restaurants in rather unusual locations.
On 10 February 2016 we will be in a barn on the grounds of the Exmoor Falconry in Allerford.  Join us for an Owl Display followed by a delicious meal.
Two weeks later it’s time to visit the Exmoor Pony Whisperer, Dawn Westcott, at her farm at Holt Ball in Luccombe.  Dawn has recently published a book about Exmoor Ponies and was seen a few days ago on ITV This Morning.  Following a talk about Exmoor Ponies we will sit down and eat a fabulous meal.

West Country Food and Farm Tours will be running a number of tours to Exmoor farms in cooperation with the Luttrell Arms in Dunster and The Culbone near Porlock. Dates to be announced very sooon!

These are just a few events to take place during February 2016.  We are currently finalising the list of restaurants offering 2 courses for £10/ 3 courses for £15 during the Exmoor Food Fest across Exmoor.

If you have a venue or an idea how to get involved, please get in touch! Just email us at exmoor4all@gmail.com.

A big thank you to our head sponsor Arthur David without whom the Exmoor Food Fest would not be possible.
All restaurants and events will be listed on the Exmoor Food Fest website.

Coming up:
6 December 2015:       Exmoor Christmas Market at Kentisbury Grange
February 2016:            Exmoor Food Fest all over Exmoor
10 February 2016:       Pop-up Restaurant at the Exmoor Owl Centre, Allerford
27/28 February 2016:  Dunster Food Festival

We are waiting to confirm the dates for “Exmoor Stars”, our Celebrity Charity Ball, as well as a number of other pop-up restaurants at various barns on Exmoor which will all take place during the Exmoor Food Fest in February 2016.

In 2016 we are launching Exmoor Markets – events at a number of locations across Exmoor featuring local produce and crafts.  We are currently working on a website while finalising the dates and venues.
If you are a local food producer or know of someone who makes arts and crafts
or sells home made food products, please send us an email to exmoor4all@gmail.com.
Exmoor Markets coming up:
06 December 2015            Exmoor Christmas Market at Kentisbury Grange
27&28 February 2016:      Exmoor Market at the Dunster Food Festival
10 March 2016:                  Exmoor Market at the Exmoor Falconry, Allerford
12 June 2016:                     Exmoor Market at the Exmoor Falconry, Allerford
16 October 2016:              Exmoor Market at the Exmoor Falconry, Allerford


Impressions of an Exmoor Safari

A beautiful day at the end of November. While we were out on a full day safari on Exmoor, we captured a few impressions of the day.

In this video you will see some typical group behaviour of the Exmoor Ponies, a large flock of starlings swarming over the car and a field, and a big herd of red deer with an impressive stag (12 points on his antlers) proudly parading among them.

Christel Thys, Experience Exmoor, 30 November 2013