Tall Trees at Nutcombe Bottom

Did you know that England’s largest trees grow on Exmoor? Nutcombe Bottom, situated not far from Dunster on the road to Timberscombe and Wheddon Cross, is a popular walking and picnic site, featuring the “Tall Tree Trail”.

Here you can find a plantation of Douglas fir trees dating back to 1876 – the largest tree was 60.5 metres when it was last measured in 2009. Its trunk has an estimated weight of 50 tonnes with a diameter of 1.74. metres.

Gillian Wells was there and shared these photos with us.

Memories of Exmoor

With the weather having gone back to being grey, damp and cold, it is nice to look back at photos which show Exmoor under a warm, blue sky. Sarah Hailstone and her dog Jack go for (very) long walks across Exmoor every day. Sarah runs her own blog (Discover Exmoor with Jack) and regularly very kindly shares her photos with us.

Now sit back and dream of Exmoor….

Morning visit

“So I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a lovely sunrise plus some hinds on the hill. As I had finally got around to buying a tripod, which arrived yesterday, I thought great, I’ll photograph those. Something made me look right and yippee! The stags had decided to pay me a visit! They hung around for an hour despite me letting my dogs out and we then watched them nonchalantly jump into our bracken bank before sauntering off into our woods. It’s not often you get to photograph deer whilst still in pj’s ( it was a bit nippy!) from outside the kitchen!”

By Pauline Richards