Exmoor Rambling – 06 February 2017

On Exmoor it’s not hard to find a peaceful place to sit with your thoughts. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice. However, All Saints’ church in Dulverton is somewhere we visit quite often for a ponder. It holds a special place in our hearts but it’s a long story and one for me to tell later on.

Yesterday was no exception and we popped in to feast our eyes on the stunning display of snowdrops in the graveyard there. Taking a pew, so to speak, on a wooden bench under the shelter of the church, we feasted our eyes on the carpet of snowdrops in front of us. The graveyard is awash with flowers at springtime, with crocus popping their heads up through every given spot of grass. But today it was the delicate snowdrop that stole the show, with just a few purple crocus beginning to make an appearance. We sat for a while, watching the woodsmoke curling out of the chimney tops above Dulverton and listened to a robin singing his heart out as we rested. Absolutely breathtaking and so very, very peaceful.

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Exmoor Rambling – 28 January 2017

Neither of us know which way we’re going to turn, or where we’ll end up, once we’re up on the moor. We go where our feet take us and surprise ourselves sometimes. Tomorrow though, I’ve made an executive decision to sit awhile up above Molland as it’s one of my thinking spots and where we’ll both be blowing in the wind one day.

Whether it be sunny, raining, snowing, windy or a right pea souper of a day – it will always be a favourite place full of memories for us both. We’ve sat in freezing weather down on the slopes waiting for this and that to appear and wandered down into valley amongst the bones and boggy bits. We’ ve hidden in the gorse and watched the deer and we’ve climbed the hilly bits and sat and watched the kestrels, buzzards and the cuckoos. It’s a very special place.

Mmm… looks like we might need our waterproofs tomorrow. 

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