The Rut on Exmoor

Exmoor Red Deer Photo Shoot. – Great to see old, and meet new friends today whilst driving around Exmoor.

“Dartmoor Chris”, 6 October 2021
Stag checking out the hinds, and bolving… the sound the stags make if you’re not aware sounds really haunting on a misty morning…
Beautiful sunrise over Dunkery.
Inquisitive Hind
Hinds enjoying the sunshine
Two large stags and hinds
Large stag (13 tines, 7 + 6) with old battle scar from a previous rut a year or two back… Stag keeping his hinds close…
A few young pretenders with hinds gathered on the edge of the herd.
Large stag… looks like another 13 tines… again 7 + 6.
Large stag keeping his hinds in check and seeing if they’re ready for mating.