March snow on Exmoor

The last day of March has brought snow to the top of Exmoor – hard to believe that only a week ago we all enjoyed warm spring sunshine!

Here are a few photos from this morning:

The walk out to Wheal Eliza looked like a winter wonderland this morning.

Suzanna Rabourne, 31 March 2022

Foal in the snow this morning

Nicky Beckett, 31 March 2022

Biting wind out on the moor today but stunning.

Debbie Tucker, 31 March 2022

The first snow of this winter…

A week ago parts of Exmoor experienced the first snowfall of this winter.  Overnight, the moors were turned into a winter wonderland.

Richard Cliff took this photo of a snowy tree tunnel on Exmoor at Five Cross Ways, Anstey Common, on 14 November 2019. On our Facebook page this image became an instant hit: Thanks to so many people liking and sharing the photo, it reached 52,000 people in a week.  





In pursuit of snow

“We took the landrover out to see if Exmoor got any ‘white stuff’ this afternoon. The sensible wildlife were hiding beside hedgerows sheltering from the icy winds… We spotted the ITV camera man doing his weather report from Dunkery Gate and the only other mad people out in the cold were the local photographers.”

Barle Valley Safaris.

Credit: Liz Mitchell

Let it snow!

A few days ago Exmoor saw the first snow on top of the moor.  In places it was quite deep, in others it just lightly dusted the landscape.  On a miserable day like today, when Storm Angus unleashes torrential rain on the moor, causing flooding in many areas, it is nice to just look at the beautiful photos shared with us by our followers.