Wild Wellies’ Favourite Tree competition

A new competition is open for children between 4 and 13 to find, recreate and celebrate their favourite tree.

Ema from Wild Wellies ( Tales & Treasures!) & Kerrie from Threeatop Woodland services have come together to bring you their ‘My Favourite Tree’ competition. With their love of trees, they have a combined passion to share their knowledge through fun and education. This time they want to encourage a child to find, recreate and celebrate their favourite tree thus allowing a door to be opened to observe, care and create a connection to a a specific tree  their  favourite tree.

For further info, please contact Ema at wildwellies@gmail.com

The first snow of this winter…

A week ago parts of Exmoor experienced the first snowfall of this winter.  Overnight, the moors were turned into a winter wonderland.

Richard Cliff took this photo of a snowy tree tunnel on Exmoor at Five Cross Ways, Anstey Common, on 14 November 2019. On our Facebook page this image became an instant hit: Thanks to so many people liking and sharing the photo, it reached 52,000 people in a week.  





A Walk in the Woods

Horner Wood is an ancient wood pasture on the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate. Some trees are up to 500 years old. It is the habitat for an abundance of wildlife and could tell many stories.  You’ll see pollarded oak trees on your walk through the woods and hopefully spot some Red Deer. Horner Wood used to provide locals with fuel, winter fodder and wood for their tools. Today it is a perfect place to get away from it all.

All photos by Bert Craznak.

Exmoor Gallery: November 2016 – Part 1

So many of our followers on Facebook and Twitter shared their outstanding images with us, that we thought it would all be too much in one big file for the month.  Here is therefore the gallery of all photos posted in the first week of November. The next gallery, containing this week’s photos, will be published in a week.

Sit back and enjoy!
(PS Click on the image to see the photo in full)