The Rut on Exmoor

Exmoor Red Deer Photo Shoot. – Great to see old, and meet new friends today whilst driving around Exmoor.

“Dartmoor Chris”, 6 October 2021
Stag checking out the hinds, and bolving… the sound the stags make if you’re not aware sounds really haunting on a misty morning…
Beautiful sunrise over Dunkery.
Inquisitive Hind
Hinds enjoying the sunshine
Two large stags and hinds
Large stag (13 tines, 7 + 6) with old battle scar from a previous rut a year or two back… Stag keeping his hinds close…
A few young pretenders with hinds gathered on the edge of the herd.
Large stag… looks like another 13 tines… again 7 + 6.
Large stag keeping his hinds in check and seeing if they’re ready for mating.

Morning visit

“So I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a lovely sunrise plus some hinds on the hill. As I had finally got around to buying a tripod, which arrived yesterday, I thought great, I’ll photograph those. Something made me look right and yippee! The stags had decided to pay me a visit! They hung around for an hour despite me letting my dogs out and we then watched them nonchalantly jump into our bracken bank before sauntering off into our woods. It’s not often you get to photograph deer whilst still in pj’s ( it was a bit nippy!) from outside the kitchen!”

By Pauline Richards