Recipe: Roasted ray wing with black butter, capers and parsley

This is another recipe of Jack Scarterfield, Chef at The CulboneJack Scarterfield

“This is one of my all-time favourites . I first saw this dish cooked by rick stein around 20 years ago, it inspired me to cook fresh fish and have done ever since!”


Serves 2

Ray700g ray wing skinned cut into 2 pieces your fish monger will don this for you

(Also known as skate)

100g salted butter must be salted

50g capers rinsed of any salt

1 table spoon of chopped parsley

Salt and pepperCapers

50ml red wine vinegar

1 lemon

olive oil for frying



Heat a non stick frying pan on medium to hot heat, season fish with salt and pepper.

Add oil to the pan just enough to coat the bottom. Heat until lightly smoking, add fish thick side first (this will be the presentation side) and fry until golden brown (do not shake pan or if stuck just leave it for a further minute) – turn fish and fry again using same method.

Transfer to an oven proof tray and roast for 4/5 minutes depending on the thickness. Check if your fish is cooked (take a small knife and drop through the thickest part of the fish – if the knife goes through the bone in the middle it’s cooked).

For the sauce, heat butter in small pan on high heat until dark brown (not black), add vinegar, capers and chopped parsley .

Pour sauce over fish and enjoy!

I  like to serve serve this with mash and sautéed spinach