Things to do at Easter: Lambing Open Days at Borough Farm

Lambing Open Days

Borough Farm

March 30th and 31st, April 1st 2013 11 am to 4 pm


Even after 25 years of sheep farming, there is still a wonder in watching the arrival of new lambs, even if the lambing season does herald long hours and little sleep. In 2013 we’ll be opening the barn doors again, for our forth year of Lambing Open Days.

It’s always a little bit daunting to invite visitors onto the farm right in the middle of the busiest time of the year. But the response has been great, and with the new lambing barn viewing gallery proving a great success, we had several hundred people visiting the barns each year, and we’ve been delighted with the reaction so far (see guest book comments)


The ewes have been very obliging, giving birth right on cue, so much so that almost everyone who came was able to see a lamb born. To me there is just as much wonder in seeing how quickly a lamb is on it’s feet and suckling from it’s mother, and a visit of a couple of hours allowed most visitors to see lambs born, then making those first vital steps.

Of course there is far more to lambing than just the arrival of the lambs, so the rest of the barns were set out to allow easy access, with information posters describing the workings of the lambing barns, together with shepherding traditions and sayings.

We’re opening at  11 am until  4 pm  From Saturday 30th March 2013 to Monday 1st of April.

Please wear outdoor footwear.

Admission £5 for Adults, £2.50 for Children over 4.


There is a small chance of infection carried by pregnant sheep being transferred to pregnant women. Although the risk is very low, medical advice is that pregnant women should not have contact with sheep during the lambing season

If you expecting a baby, please do not visit our lambing open day.

For more info, go to the Borough Farm website.

Borough Farm is the home of David Kennard and Channel 5’s star of “Sheepdog Tales” Mist.