Girl Power

101 NT Arlington Court Girl Power

Meet Melody, Princess and Edwina who live at NT Arlington Court!

You can find out more about NT Arlington Court on their website:

Intriguing Regency house and impressive horse-drawn vehicles set in picturesque gardens

Arlington Court is an unexpected jewel on the edge of Exmoor, a complete family estate held by the Chichester family for over five hundred years. The collection consists of treasures for all tastes, from model ships to shells, all collected by the Chichesters’ over several generations. The house itself, built in 1823 and extended in 1860, has an austere facade. However, inside the cosy rooms give the house a homely, family atmosphere.

The Carriage Museum in the stables has a vehicle for every occasion from cradle to grave. Currently on loan from the Houses of Parliament is the Speaker’s State Coach, a glorious, gilded carriage with over 300 years of history.

Offering incident and contrast, the nineteenth-century formal garden is a perfect place to explore, picnic or play. The conservatory rebuilt in 2012 gives the garden a focal point and allows colourful and exotic planting. The walled kitchen garden provides fruit and vegetables for the tea-room and flowers for the house.

The tranquil estate with over 20 miles of footpaths is abundant with wildlife including an ancient heronry. Two species of bat roost in the cellars of the house whilst the bird hide is a quiet space to view nature at its best.

Keeping Arlington alive:

  • Jacob sheep and Red Devon cattle graze the estate and provide seasonal dishes for our menu

  • Our popular lake walk, just under two miles, tours the wider grounds including the man-made lake and bridge piers of an unfulfilled Victorian dream

  • Our stables are alive with carriage horses, giving the real smell and sound of working stables

  • Every visitor to the house is invited to ring the door bell, so they can be welcomed as a guest.

  • With our bat cam you can spy on the bats in our cellars and attics everyday



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