Date for the Diary: Exmoor Ponies Close-Up


Join Experience Exmoor on Sunday, 5 May, for a special Exmoor Pony Safari followed by tea with the celebrated Author of children’s pony books Victoria ‘Tortie’ Eveleigh and her husband & illustrator Chris.

“We will head out from Lynton at 2 pm for a 2 hour safari to seek out several Exmoor Pony herds – some with newborn foals – on the open moorland.  After our 2 hour Exmoor Pony trip, Tortie and Chris Eveleigh are awaiting us at their West Ilkerton farm with refreshments – and some special treats for Exmoor Pony lovers.”

joe and the hidden horseshoeTortie’s new book, Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe, comes out on 2 May – what a great opportunity to get a signed copy! Of course, Tortie’s other books, the Katie’s Ponies trilogy and A Stallion Called Midnight, will also be available.

After tea it’s time to get up close with three very special Exmoor youngsters – Orion and and his sisters Gaia and Demeter who were born in May 2011. They are very special to Tortie and Chris as they are the final three foals they bred by the lovely stallion Acreswild Zeitgeist who’s fondly known as Ziggy.
orion looking round in field

tortie with orionAs Tortie was taken on by the publishing group Orion Children’s books in June 2011, she decided to call the only colt foal of that year Orion.  Pop over to Tortie’s website to read about Orion’s early training.

Neil Osmond, Director of Experience Exmoor says: “We are delighted to be able of offer this great opportunity to not only see Exmoor Ponies in the wild, but also get people really close to these beautiful animals.  To have a popular author like Tortie Eveleigh invite our safari to her farm is a special treat. We can promise our guests a truly unforgettable event!”

Orion, the Exmoor Pony

Orion, the Exmoor Pony

Call us or e-mail Neil and Christel at Exmoor Experience to book your place for this unique event!

first year postcard

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