Happy Birthday Exmoor National Park!


Sixty years ago today, the first steps towards creating Exmoor National Park were made when The National Parks Commission made a Designation Order that set the boundaries for the proposed National Park, recognising that it was a special place and worthy of protection for the nation.  Time was then allowed for comments and decision by the then Minister for Housing and Local Government, Harold Macmillan. His Confirmation Order came on 19th October 1954.

A 60th Anniversary edition of the free Exmoor 2014 (where to go and what to see) publication (previously titled the Exmoor Visitor) has just been printed and contains information about the National Park and details of hundreds of events that will be taking place across Exmoor this year.

Clare O’Connor, editor of Exmoor 2014 said: “There seems to be more happening in the National Park than ever this year with something to do all year round. Due to limited space we couldn’t fit everything in Exmoor 2014 but there are even more events to be found on our website http://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/visiting/events . People are welcome to upload their events and can do so at anytime throughout the year.”

Free copies of Exmoor 2014 are available to tourism providers. The publication is packed in bundles of 75 copies so if anyone would like a supply please contact us via email: info@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk

EV2014 cover SM


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