#36 ~ 365 My 1st Photograph Workshop on Exmoor “April 5th 2014 with Exmoor 4 All ” How to be inspired in Photography ”

Looking forward to working with Clayton Jane!

Clayton Jane Photography

I will hosting the 1st Photo meet Up with Exmoor 4 All at Streamcombe Farm , Dulverton on 5th April 2014.  It will be a interesting day for anybody  who is interested in knowing their Camera to a higher level; Getting Passionate about Photography.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1458532914365847/

Getting off Auto ; Know between Aperture & your ISO ?;  Can you Photograph in Manual ? Do you always check your Histogram ? ;  Can you trick your camera regarding Light ? ; Can you photograph in Low Light – Do you want to know about Filters  ? How to push yourself in other areas of Photography ?

Tips and Guidance for any level ..If you want the Dummies level or more advanced I will be there to help.  But more importantly think about your Photography , how to improve in simple stages. Round Table discussions  as well.  So Bring your Questions …

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