Date for the Diary: Walk Some Moor, 31 August 2014



A sponsored one day walk across Exmoor in support of Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

( starting at Lynton and The Cleaves, taking in the spectacular views on Cheriton Ridge, across rugged moorland to Exe Head and Badgworthy, passing famous landmarks – Cloud Farm, Lorna Doone Farm and finally through the wooded valley via Watersmeet back to Lynmouth and Lynton.


Sunday 31st August  2014 @ 9am

Lynton Bottom Meadow Car Park, Castle Hill.  Own transport to be arranged.


Please ensure you have plenty of water and food, comfortable walking boots and waterproofs (OS Map 180 1:50,000 recommended).  The walk can be joined either at the start or at the following points: Hillsford Bridge, Brendon Two Gates.

Further Details

For further information, sponsor forms (and FREE T shirts – optional) via Laura Crouch,

Volunteer Fundraising Manager for the South West and South Wales,

Mobile: 07771 374836;


To donate directly:

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

(Quote: ‘Exmoor Walk’)

HSBC Bank Plc.

Sort Code: 40-06-21

Account Number: 42287129

“Walk the Moor!”- Directions

1.Lynton – The Cleaves

(Stunning vistas and woodland)

From Lynton Bottom Meadow Car Park, turn right and walk down the hill.  Cross over the road (Lynmouth Hill) that heads down to Lynmouth and continue along the road until you reach The Cottage Inn pub. 

There is a footbridge to the right of the pub.  Cross the footbridge and turn left.  Climb The Cleaves (the path through the woods), taking the top right path at all times, following signs to Hillsford Bridge.  The path will end at a winding road (Watersmeet Road). Walk down the road to the junction – Hillsford Bridge.

2.Hillsford Bridge – Blackpitts Gate

(Woodland, 360 degree views of open moorland)

At the junction, turn right at the sign ‘Bridge Ball, Cheriton, Scoresdown’ and head towards Combe Park.  Turn right at the sign for Cheriton Ridge before the house that takes you through woodland.  Keep on the path following signs to Cheriton Ridge (the lower path) until it ends at Smallcombe Bridge and the farmhouse on your left.  Turn left and then right up an uneven path behind the farmhouse – this is Shortacombe Common.  Keep left until you arrive at Scoresdown Farm, the start of Cheriton Ridge.

Turn right into a lane next to the farm which reaches a 3 way junction.  Take the middle track onto Cheriton Ridge. Stick to a straight line as this track will take you to a ford and a gate at Hoar Oak Tree. Cross the ford and pass through the gate and take a left turn until you reach another gate.  Pass through the gate and continue along the track. Keep going and continue on the path to Exe Head (signposted with a gate). 

Turn right at Exe Head, and follow the fence until you

come across a narrow path that leads to Blackpitts Gate on the B223 road to Simonsbath.  Be sure to take a left turn at the yellow marker just after a signpost showing Blackpitts Gate – otherwise you will come out along the B223 road and will need to add an extra 5-10 minutes onto the walk to get back to Blackpitts Gate!  On this section from Exe Head, stay left and head towards the B223 road which you will see in the distance.

3.Blackpitts Gate – Brendon Two Gates

(Half way; short walk along the B223 road to Simonsbath)

From Blackpitts Gate, turn left along the B223 road that runs between Lynton – Hillsford Bridge and Simonsbath.  Beware of oncoming traffic.  There is approximately a 20-30 minute walk until you reach Brendon Two Gates where there is a cattle grid (the first you come across from Blackpitts Gate).

4.Brendon Two Gates – Badgworthy

(Open moorland, idyllic, picturesque ancient woodland)

Turn right immediately after the cattle grid and follow the rough track across this part of the moor to Badgworthy. 

Follow a straight line until you reach a gate.  Go through the gate and follow the path down to the river.

There is a footbridge to the right as a point of reference.  Turn left, avoiding the footbridge and walk along the path keeping the river on your right until you reach a footbridge taking you pass the tearooms at Cloud Farm.

5.Cloud Farm – Lorna Doone Farm – Watersmeet – Lynmouth – Lynton

(Famous landmarks, tearooms, toilets, stunning woodland by the river)

At Cloud Farm, turn left and continue along the lane until you reach a junction.  Turn left until you come to Lorna Doone Farm.  Take the lane behind the shop, keeping right.  Continue along the lane with the river on your right, passing through the village of Brendon until you reach the village of Rockford.  Just before The Rockford Inn pub, there is a small footbridge crossing the river.  Cross over the footbridge and continue along the path through the woodland until you reach the tearooms at Watersmeet House. 

From Watersmeet House, take either the left or right path along the river which leads out into Lynmouth.  Turn left on the bridge then right up Lynmouth Hill back to Lynton.  Beware of oncoming traffic.  At the top of Lynmouth Hill, turn right and you will reach Bottom Meadow Car Park.