Dunster, Somerset: Day Two


DUNSTER, SOMERSET – Yesterday, Granny and I explored.

I’d arrived back from my Stag Rut on Exmoor dog-tired, but wild-eyed. The stags hadn’t ‘rutted’ – but I wasn’t disappointed.

They’d roared; they’d strutted; they’d exalted majesty and savage pride – and that was enough for me to be hooked on the Exmoor red stag for life.

After I returned, it was time for cake and tea. So Granny and I headed out; Dunster’s delights were waiting.

Here’s our Sunday in Dunster – Instagram style:

On Exmoor looking for red stag

For breakfast, a slice of toasted earth and layers of whipped grey.

Highland Cattle on Exmoor, Somerset

Followed by teddybears with horns.

Shopping in Dunster, Somerset

Before cake and tea, a giggle and a smile courtesy of Dunster high street.


We then warmed our cockles alongside the sweet checks of the Castle Coffee Shop.


Chit-chat hushed, we quietly waited… anticipating cream tea.


If scones be the food of love, these were bang on.


With crumbly lips and jammy fingers we took a walk –…

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