Date for the Diary: One Day on Exmoor – 25 May 2015


On Bank Holiday Monday, 25 May 2015, we want you to record what you are doing on Exmoor that day.  

Whether you are out walking the dog, go rock climbing, put your toe into the sea, have a cream tea or just dig over the garden – take a photo (or more) and send them to us.  As we are quite a nosey lot, we are also keen on hearing from you. This can be a short paragraph – a bit like a “Dear Diary” entry – or a longer account*. You an also send us a video or do a voice recording.

We will collate all the entries and send them on to the country archives.

All photos and stories will be published here on the Exmoor4all blog. We are also hoping to publish a photobook.  All fingers crossed, there’ll be a public screening of the photos during the summer. Just watch this space!

You images and stories on Facebook, send them via Twitter @Exmoor4all or email them to

We’re looking forward to lots and lots of photos and stories!

PS: This is NOT a competition, just a bit of fun – and a way to show the world how fab it is to spend a day on Exmoor!

  • No longer than 600 words, please!