Suspected Wartime Ordnance uncovered by the Tide at Kilve Beach

HM Coastguard Watchet reported tonight:

“This lunchtime some of our team were tasked to attend Kilve Beach following a report of some found suspected wartime ordnance uncovered by the tide.

On our arrival at the beach we were able to go direct to the location of the described 6 found items thanks to the use of the what3words app and the 3 square meter unique identifier passed by the finder.

Despite our Coastguard Rescue Officers in attendance being trained in the recognition of suspect ordnance and experienced with many similar finds in their careers, photos are taken and forwarded to the Royal Navy Dive Clearance Team (Bomb Disposal) for their expert opinion.

On receipt of the photographs the Military confirmed they would be attending at the next daylight low tide to investigate and deal with the items. Until then the high tide tide has now covered the items and our team will return on low tide to cordon the location until the military arrive on scene.

The Kilve Beach & Lilstock Beach area had been military target ranges during the Two World Wars used by small arms, artillery, tanks and more recently by fixed wing aircraft and now by rotary wing (helicopters).

If you should find anything suspicious on the shoreline in these areas we remind you not to pick it up or remove it, but instead, record its location and inform the Coastguard on 999 .

An update will follow on this post once the items have been dealt with.

HM Coastguard

To Search To Rescue To Save”

PS Here is a link to What3Words – a very useful app if you need to describe your exact location to emergency services. You can also follow them on Facebook.