Exmoor Food Fest 2016: Meet Arthur David

Somerset based wholesale food company Arthur David is once again sponsoring the Exmoor Food Fest which will take place across Exmoor in February 2016.  Without the generous support it would be impossible to run the Food Fest.

History2Many people will know Arthur David the business, as it has operated in and around the South West for the past 53 years, but many may not know the story of the man behind the name.

Arthur is a born & bred Somerset man who started his working life in the Farming industry. He moved to Bristol to marry Diana and joined her family in the fresh produce business.

He soon realised that Fruit & Veg was the life for him and branched out on his own starting Arthur David & Co.

After several years operating from central Bristol, Arthur was missing the countryside12241672_958453700890645_497843768859712263_n and decided to get back to his rural roots and moved out in to the beautiful Chew Valley.

The business was by then well established and the light Blue A.David vans became famous around the area. It is now quite often said that you cannot go 10 minutes in Bristol without seeing one of our brightly liveried vans.

Arthur is by definition a true entrepreneur and always looked for the next product or service he could offer to his customers. Indeed Arthur was the very first person in the region to offer Prepared Vegetables and put significant investment in to a state of the art preparation plant at Bishop Sutton.

Over the years we have seen many different fresh produce suppliers come and go, but Arthur has always held the strong core value of exceptional customer service dear to his heart and has weaved this mentality throughout the business.

Next GenThe business is run today by Arthur’s eldest son Phil who has an even greater desire to see the business his father started flourish. Phil has also inherited the natural “Branson like” entrepreneurial mind-set and continues to innovate to ensure the business is offering its customers just what they require. This has been evident in recent years with the introduction of an extensive Fine Foods product range enabling our clients to place their order right up until 11pm for next day delivery. Never wanting to be second best, Phil has ensured that the business operates at the very highest standards, so things like BRC A grade accreditation, finding the very best team and a fleet of impressive chilled vehicles are a pre-requisite.

PrintThe business has been known for many years as A. David & Co. Ltd but very recently the directors decided to alter the name to Arthur David, Food with Service Ltd. This is a great mix of the traditional and the new and will serve as a legacy to the great work that Arthur started all those years ago.

Phil knows that great people deliver great service so has built a strong team to ensure Arthur David stays at the forefront of the industry. Jon Evans who is today joint MD with Phil also has an unerring passion for Customer Service and believes in their mantra of “Leave it with us” so much; he has it tattooed on his arm!

So all in all the company has a rich history and still remains one of the most important players in the buoyant and exciting Bristol Food scene.

If you are looking for advice, innovation or just great service give us a call, and……………


If you are looking for a local supplier of fresh fruit and veg, then give Arthur David a call on 08444 120 555. You can follow them on Twitter @ADavidandCo and find them on Facebook.


Dunster, Somerset: Day Two


DUNSTER, SOMERSET – Yesterday, Granny and I explored.

I’d arrived back from my Stag Rut on Exmoor dog-tired, but wild-eyed. The stags hadn’t ‘rutted’ – but I wasn’t disappointed.

They’d roared; they’d strutted; they’d exalted majesty and savage pride – and that was enough for me to be hooked on the Exmoor red stag for life.

After I returned, it was time for cake and tea. So Granny and I headed out; Dunster’s delights were waiting.

Here’s our Sunday in Dunster – Instagram style:

On Exmoor looking for red stag

For breakfast, a slice of toasted earth and layers of whipped grey.

Highland Cattle on Exmoor, Somerset

Followed by teddybears with horns.

Shopping in Dunster, Somerset

Before cake and tea, a giggle and a smile courtesy of Dunster high street.


We then warmed our cockles alongside the sweet checks of the Castle Coffee Shop.


Chit-chat hushed, we quietly waited… anticipating cream tea.


If scones be the food of love, these were bang on.


With crumbly lips and jammy fingers we took a walk –…

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Dunster, Somerset: A quick InstaTHRILL

Some lovely photos of Dunster!


DUNSTER, SOMERSET – Maybe it’s me. But I’m easily seduced.

Last time, it was the honeycombed colours of Palma that quickened my heart. This time, it’s Dunster.

Then again, maybe it’s not me: maybe it’s just that this snuggle of a Somerset town has ‘it’.

You know, that ‘it’ that causes you to tap your companion on the arm urgently to show them what you’ve just seen.That ‘it’ that fixes your eyes on the flamed autumn views and glues your feet to the cobbled spot.

That ‘it’ that makes your chest rise and your smile widen as you feel the sheer irresistible joy of being in a place like this…

A place that just has ‘it’.

There’s more to come about my weekend escape to Dunster later, but for now here are some of my Instagram pictures from today’s autumn adventure. And if you like what’s below, you’ll go cock-a-hoop for Dunster: Day…

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