In pursuit of snow

“We took the landrover out to see if Exmoor got any ‘white stuff’ this afternoon. The sensible wildlife were hiding beside hedgerows sheltering from the icy winds… We spotted the ITV camera man doing his weather report from Dunkery Gate and the only other mad people out in the cold were the local photographers.”

Barle Valley Safaris.

Credit: Liz Mitchell

Exmoor Memories: Wimbleball Lake


Jane Carey shared this image of Wimbleball Lake which she took two days ago.  In response, a number of our Facebook followers posted their memories of Wimbleball Lake:

“We love this place, but sadly Alfie has damaged his tail because he wags it too much when he’s swimming – which he did yesterday! He’s sprained his tail – according to the vet. Never knew this was possible, but now he’s on anti-inflammatories! Poor Alf – tail at half mast, but still wagging gently.”  (Maureen Young )

 “I have fond memories of walking here with my parents. Maureen – didn’t know a dog could wag too much, hope Alfie is better soon.” (Julie Sturmer )

120-tracy-sumner-wimbleball-lake “Love running around this lake, one of my favourite trails.” (TracySumner)

I have walked around this lake a few year ago before I had the chest problem.” (Derek Johnson)

“I’ve been swimming in there! I was about 9 or 10 at the time and was on a school trip.” (Steve Worzel Harriss)

 “I remember going fishing there back in 1982.” (Brian Miller)

Do you have memories of Wimbleball Lake?