Exmoor Memories: Wimbleball Lake


Jane Carey shared this image of Wimbleball Lake which she took two days ago.  In response, a number of our Facebook followers posted their memories of Wimbleball Lake:

“We love this place, but sadly Alfie has damaged his tail because he wags it too much when he’s swimming – which he did yesterday! He’s sprained his tail – according to the vet. Never knew this was possible, but now he’s on anti-inflammatories! Poor Alf – tail at half mast, but still wagging gently.”  (Maureen Young )

 “I have fond memories of walking here with my parents. Maureen – didn’t know a dog could wag too much, hope Alfie is better soon.” (Julie Sturmer )

120-tracy-sumner-wimbleball-lake “Love running around this lake, one of my favourite trails.” (TracySumner)

I have walked around this lake a few year ago before I had the chest problem.” (Derek Johnson)

“I’ve been swimming in there! I was about 9 or 10 at the time and was on a school trip.” (Steve Worzel Harriss)

 “I remember going fishing there back in 1982.” (Brian Miller)

Do you have memories of Wimbleball Lake?

One thought on “Exmoor Memories: Wimbleball Lake

  1. Alex Forster says:

    HI Jane and all,
    Lovely picture of Wimbleball Lake, and good to see so many great memories made here.
    Just a reminder though – neither dogs or people are permitted to swim in the lake (dogs because it is a reservoir, and people for safety reasons). Dogs must also be kept on leads (except in the dog exercise area (above the sailing club)).
    Please see: http://www.southwestlakes.co.uk/dog-walking/ for more details.
    Many thanks,
    Alex Forster,
    Countryside and Angling Manager (Exmoor)

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