The Edge of Exmoor

The Edge of Exmoor

By Leigh Cripps


p class=”p1″>I sleep amongst the lichen on stunted ancient oak,
and drift with the thistledown above fern and heather
amid the summer’s hazy overgrowth.
A hardy place, where silver birch sway
their merry winters dance and snowdrops light an
enchanted path through dark hidden valleys.
You will find me where the wild winds blow,
across rain swept moorlands and where
only the purest of waters flow.

Leigh Cripps.

Leigh Crisp

Exmoor Arts: Light and Colour

I don’t do photography but I do paint. I now live in the area and Exmoor features in my recent work, which I have been posting on my Facebook page.  I use the Brushes App on iPad to do my paintings (that are then digitally watermark for sharing safely online).  I did the attached painting yesterday : “Somewhere   along the North Devon coast”.
You asked (for a local journalist) what makes Exmoor special? I replied … light and colour, which I think explains why there are so many talented artists in the area. Best regards, Hannah
PS Here’s my FB link if you’d like to see it. I set it up to give me a target of regular posts with new work to get me back to painting after moving to the region (mission accomplished – I’m now a member of North Devon Arts too); I’m also hoping it will allow more people to see what I do.


The Priestway

202 David Jessup Priest Way


Dunkery and The Horner Valley from The Priestway by local artist David Jessup.

The Priestway is an ancient track leading to the tiny isolated church of St. Pero. At 1100 ft the highest church on Exmoor. Painted in April when the fresh green of the silver birches contrasts vividly with the bronzed remains of autumn. The original is sold, but Giclée prints are available from the Exmoor Producers Association Shop in Minehead