Exmoor Arts: Light and Colour

I don’t do photography but I do paint. I now live in the area and Exmoor features in my recent work, which I have been posting on my Facebook page.  I use the Brushes App on iPad to do my paintings (that are then digitally watermark for sharing safely online).  I did the attached painting yesterday : “Somewhere   along the North Devon coast”.
You asked (for a local journalist) what makes Exmoor special? I replied … light and colour, which I think explains why there are so many talented artists in the area. Best regards, Hannah
PS Here’s my FB link if you’d like to see it. I set it up to give me a target of regular posts with new work to get me back to painting after moving to the region (mission accomplished – I’m now a member of North Devon Arts too); I’m also hoping it will allow more people to see what I do.  https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyMrsRoberts