Exmoor Wildwatch 2014

Exmoor National Park’s amazing wildlife has given inspiration and joy to generations, but the very remoteness that makes Exmoor so special means that we do not have a full understanding of the wildlife that lives on the moor. That is where Exmoor Wildwatch 2014 and the accompanying free wildlife events come in!

Ali Hawkins, Exmoor National Park Wildlife Conservation Officer, explains:  ”Exmoor National Park is home to a fantastic array of wildlife and we would like everyone’s help to find out a little more about some of the special species that live here. We would particularly like to hear about 10 key species, some of which are nationally rare and others we simply do not know enough about. Some, like the cuckoo, are distinctive whilst others such as the round-leaved sundew may require more searching in some of Exmoor’s fantastic bogs. With a little bit of effort you can get to see more of Exmoor’s unique wildlife with our free handy spotter guide.

“The key species are cuckoo, kingfisher, brown hare, adder, common lizard, waxcap fungi, round-leaved sundew and heath fritillary, small pearl-bordered fritillary and comma butterflies.   Recording your sightings could not be easier. Simply go on line to the Wildwatch website or ring the National Park Centre in Lynmouth on 01598 752509.”

To record sightings and to view the free identification guides visit http://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/environment/wild-watch. To order a free  Exmoor Wildwatch poster*  please contact the National Park Centres at Lynmouth, Dunster or Dulverton.

Wildwatch 2014 is also supported by 25 plus free wildlife and surveying training events. “Whether you are interested in butterflies, fungi or river life there is something for everyone. All the training is delivered free of charge by experts to encourage people to learn more about Exmoor’s Wildlife through surveying. Again just visit the Wildwatch website”  highlighted David Rolls, Moorland Education and Outreach Officer,  “so whether you are out walking, cycling, on the way to work or school please keep your eyes open and report whether you spot any of these wonderful species.”

Exmoor Wildwatch is part of the New Ecologists project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Exmoor Trust and Exmoor National Park through the Heart of Exmoor Scheme. For more details on this work please contact David Rolls on, 01398 322164.