An Exmoor Sunset

By Becky Power

I was a bit late going up and the sky was already turning by the time I got to my middle stile.

The deer were in the wood behind me. I could hear them moving about and hoped they would make an appearance so had my camera posed to the place they leave the woods in hope.. But I suspect they knew I was in the field so it was in vain.

The swallows were flitting about the field below me. Low to the ground flying backwards and forwards.. It always amazes me that they never bump into each other, there are so many and they are so fast!

Many a time iv tried to photograph or video them but never really succeeded, so they are mine alone to enjoy!

In the distance I could hear what I suspect was a couple of fox cubs calling to each other, but no sign of them..

The sky was fast turning a beautiful deep red colour and knowing that although I was surrounded by wildlife there would be none to photograph tonight I turned my attention to the sky..

And what a beautiful sunset it was! Turning from pink, oranges to a deep red with an amazing cloud formation to enhance it.. I’l never tire of our beautiful Exmoor sunsets!