Restoring Tarr Steps

The clapper bridge at Tarr Steps being restored ( should be open by the weekend) and the wonderful display of bluebells on Varle Hill. It looks to be a very delicate job putting all the stones together in the right place and at the correct angle. Well done to those involved – skill and patience required I think! Perfect working conditions for it though!”

By Pauline Richards (24 May 2023)

This is what Tarr Steps and the River Barle looked like on 14 January 2023 after the storm (thanks to Adam Galpin for the photos);

The river was a murky and tumultuous sight, with water surging well beyond the typically calm banks. Trees and shrubs lining the river’s edge were battered, with some even torn from their roots and carried downstream. Tarr Steps, a renowned prehistoric clapper bridge, was partially submerged, with only a few of its large stone slabs visible amid the rushing water. The storm’s force has shifted some of the stones. In the background, thick layers of grey clouds have obscured the surrounding hills, creating an even more ominous and foreboding atmosphere.

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